Product Review: Fitbit Flex Wristband… What I really thought!

About a year ago I owned a Fitbit Flex™ Wristband. I got it through a reward plan, thinking it might be something useful as an activity tracker. It also offered a silent alarm which are great for not waking up your partner. Overall I found the device to do what I thought it would, it tracked my daily movements, synced to my iPhone, and even vibrated when I set an alarm through the iPhone app.

The Flex itself only has 5 lights on it, doesn’t tell you the time. The lights stand for the amount of activity you have done, in the iOS app, you set your goal and it will indicate how much of your goal you have met by five lights. You tap the device one or twice, it will indicate how much battery life you have left, you could also tap it three times to let the device know you are going to sleep.

One of the biggest issues I found with the Flex was the wristband itself. It was very tough, made of a strong rubber like material. The problem was, it ended up coming off my wrist quite a lot. Numerous times, I would put simple.b-cssdisabled-png.hd42e487325e7ecf75b0819b03f1900e6.packon a hoodie or take one off, and there was a chance the Flex would pop off and I wouldn’t notice right away. Since the flex was so light, I barely
even felt it on my wrist most of the time. I also tried using two of the three included wristbands but neither of the two that fit would prevent it from popping off at times.

Another disappointment of the flex, was the strength of the vibration using the silent alarm. Since I’m a heavy sleeper I would barely feel it going off in the morning. But during the day, I would say about 80 per cent of the time I would feel it. But this was based on how tight the wristband was on my wrist.

Setting the alrm on the flex was such a hassle, to set the alarm you would have to go to the alarm section of the app, create a new alarm. You had to create a new alarm each time. It was a slow process and you were only able to set eight alarms max. Basically that’s all were allowed to set with the flex for alarms, you weren’t allowed to set a timer either.

Now when the alarm went off, it would only go off for about a minute then shut off, no repeat, no snooze option. Dislike!

One thing that I really enjoyed about the flex was the fact that it would track how much sleep I had gotten. By doing this it would calculate how much deep sleep, and track how much movement I had during myself. By using the silent alarm to wake you up, Flex would notice if you were tossing and turning up before your alarm. It would then start vibrating slightly to try and wake you up a bit before your actual alarm. It only worked for me personally once or twice. But again I am a really deep sleeper and rarely noticed the vibration while asleep.

Charging the device also another hassle, you would need to pop the actual device out of the wristband, plug it into a charge cord via USB. I found that by doing this over time the device became really hard to charge over the way it connected to the charger. I contacted Fitbit support on the matter and they suggested I try a few things, non of which worked. So Fitbit offered to send me a new charger! So I thought that was very nice of them.

But then the device started charging one day, after leaving it plugged into the charger for like a week. I was able to get a full 5 days of use from the device before it died again and couldn’t charge it anymore. So I tossed it in the desk. Looking for it two weeks later, I couldn’t find the device in the charger and completely disappeared. What a loss…

Overall I would suggest buying this device if you want something to track your activity, but unless you are the worlds lightest sleeper, don’t expect it to be waking you up. Compared to other activity tracker on the market, you might want to look into something else, unless you have a low budget in mind! Also design of the device and how you charge it might be little frustrating for some, it’s very small when it pops out of the wristband and could be easily misplaced like mine was.

Thanks for reading my quick review of an old Fitbit.

Although I would rather like to hear about your own experiences using the Fitbit Flex™ Wristband!