Making 13 dollars online in 7 minutes is truly possible!


This isn’t a get quick rich scheme or a way to make a monthly income. It is just a way to add few extra bucks to your Paypal account.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting at work slightly bored out of my mind. In my current profession I have a lot of downtime. Sitting around and waiting for something to happen. I’ve used this downtime to work on side projects from my computer. But I have also spent countless hours wasting precious time surfing the net, while ending up 200 pages deep into Wikipedia reading about some event a 1000 years ago…

Trust me, it could happen to anyone with ADHD.

I figured since I have all this extra time in my life, I might as try to put it to good use! That’s when I stumbled upon a site called If you have heard of the site, then you know what it’s all about. But this is for the people who haven’t, so here is a chance to make a few extra dollars each month.

Testing for moneyusertesing is a site where companies use it’s members to test the functionally of websites, apps and games over a wide variety of devices. Tests range from 15 to 20 minutes and pay $10  for completion. Unless you really screw up a test and get a low rating you won’t get paid. Overall the site asks that you speak your mind, what problems you are having, suggestions and things to do differently.

At first I was little sceptical about signing up to the site, wondering who in their right mind would pay someone ten dollars, to talk about testing a website or app.

So I decided to give it a try and see what it’s all about. The sign up process was very easy, create a username, fill out your profile, then enter your demographics for possible tests. The site asks for your Paypal account email.

You need a Paypal account to get paid, it’s the only way to get paid! 

The pretesting phase

Once you have filled out the information required, you are then asks you to take a pretest, you don’t get paid for this, but its sort of like a job interview or try out.

First you are asked to download the recording software. The recording software records your screen, this is so the client and can see what you are doing. It also records your voice so that they can see what you are talking about while to go through the tests. I’ve found its best to only have the recording software open when doing the tests, any notifications that pop up on your screen, even miss clicks to other windows will show up. It will also display your desktop at first, so best to have nothing on it.

Once the test begins, the on screen recorder will give you tips on what to do next. I’m not allowed to talk about what I was testing, its one of the things that Usertesting asks testers not to do. What I can say is that I was tested on viewing a website, I had to find something on the website and talk about everything I was encountering.

It then asked me to locate something on the website. While doing this, I talked about how difficult it would be for someone who was not familiar with computers trying to locate said thing. Stuff like this helps website developers build better websites.

Once the pretest was done, I was asked a few questions about the website, which I did, then the test was complete. I got a confirmation the test was done, and told that I had to wait up to 48 hours for the test to be reviewed. Usertesting, watches the test to see if you would be a good fit for being a tester.

Time for paid testing! Dashboard Dashboard

Less then two hours later, I got a email saying that the test was successful and I was ready to start testing for companies. About a half hour after this, I heard a sound from the Usertesting Dashboard. The dashboard is where you find new tests, if you don’t have this open all the time with your browser. You will miss out new tests. The dashboard will also show surveys you can take to quality for potential tests down the road.

On the dashboard, I saw that they had a PEEK TEST, these test are very short, and only take about 4-5 minutes, and only paid three dollars. So being interested, I accepted the test and went on my way. This first test was to view a website and give my opinion of the site. Talking about what it looked like, I stated it took a while to load, only because it did. All three questions were about the sites look and feel. Then the three follow up questions were based on simple rate the site one to ten.

I was stoked, finished my first test.

But now, I had to wait for Usertesting to review that test before I can get paid three dollars. That felt like it took forever, only because once you take your first paid test. You are not allowed to take anymore until that first one has been reviewed by the client and Usertesting. This review took 48 hours, and then I was open to take another test. I got a five star rating for my first test.

The better the star rating, the more tests you are open to take, clients want the best testers to test for them, so you need to follow the rules and do your best.

Become a great tester Success Centre Success Centre

I suggest, that when you are waiting for that first paid test to be reviewed, head over to the success centre. Its where you can take a few quizzes to become a better tester, it has a few learning
slides, then asks a few questions. I have only taken the first one, cause I got the drift of how to work the site. But if you are still uncomfortable, they will help you settle in.

Second test

Two days later, I was able to take another test after the first test was fully approved. The next test I ended up taking was going to pay ten dollars. All I had to do was answer a ten question survey on where I would find something in a store. My recording was only three minutes long, and I talked the whole time. The easiest ten dollars ever!

The best part, I had another test to take right away, but unfortunately I didn’t qualify for this one, so I had to decline the test.

Now, for the payment… 

Usertesting states that they pay you through Paypal, so again you must have an account with Paypal. Seven days after your test, the money will be sent to you. It’s not instant, you do have to wait like most jobs. But when the money is sent, you get an email confirming that it’s been sent, which means you are ready to spend your easily earned cash. Usertesting also suggests you keep a record of your income and report it on your taxes… I am a freelance designer and already have to claim my income so this isn’t a problem for me. But just a heads up.

Supporting the masses

At first I had an issue when I signed up, I wasn’t sure why my first test wasn’t showing in completed after 24 hours. I sent an email to support, and they responded very quickly. They helped me resolve the issue right away. I’d say they have a great support centre for anything you might need, plus a very strong help section on the actual website to give you support.

How much have I really made? 

I’ve been signed in to Usertesting for two weeks, and have only done those two tests so far. I have had the chance to do more, but one test required the use of an iPad and another on a Windows OS. Having neither I had to decline.

After the first week, I began receiving emails about possible tests, which didn’t happen at the start. I’ve started getting more options to test, but by the time I got to my iMac the tests disappeared. From what I got, some companies only require a few reviews before they get what they need. So the key if you really want to make some extra money is to be around a lot.

Over all, is a pretty easy way to make a few extra bucks. But you should be good at talking, giving an opinion and understand website fundamentals. It would also help to know your way around a computer, tablet, or smartphone. So if you spend a lot of time by a computer and have a quiet space to talk. Why not join Usertesting. It might end up being a great way for you make a few extra bucks for some online purchases!