I pushed a car for 3.5 km with passion!


Last week, I read a blog post titled Nothing Is Going To Save Your Social Media If Your Content Is Lacking Passion. Authored by Jonathan Gebauer (@jogebauer) he tells a writes about a time when he wrote a post about something that pissed him off. He calls it his most successful post ever, because it took of.  He does say, the post did not go viral but two years later people are still telling him how much they love it.

He also mentions and I quote “I can teach you social media strategy. I can teach you content strategy. But I cannot teach you how to put passion into your content. If you write blog posts, you have to believe what you write about

So I ask you, What is your passion?

To do something effectively you need to have passion, you need to believe you can do it. Without passion, you will not put all your effort into something. Simple as that!

My Problem

Last summer my car broke down one night, I realized I was in trouble after it stalled, and when the I got the car started it sounded horrible. I was able to drive it a few blocks closer to home before it just stopped running.

So there I was, a 40 minute walk home. It was two in the morning, but I knew if left my car in that area of town, it might be in worse shape the next morning. At this point for some strange reason I decided to not call a tow truck. I figured I would need my two last tows for something extreme, so I decided to push my car 3.5 kilometres home.

Yes, I pushed my car home, and yes people stopped and asked if I needed gas, and a police car even stopped and offered me a ride home. I refused, I was so passionate about pushing this 93 civic coupe truly believing that I could do this, so I didn’t give up.

Two hours later I made it, with my broken car and I could not move body.

The Struggle

983986_10151381132696536_481572136_nThe next day, financially strapped I tried to figure out what was wrong with my engine, head gasket, bearing, piston?I had no idea what I had to look for, using Youtube I pinned it down to either a head gasket or a piston. I was not a car guy by any means, I knew how to fill a tire, add oil or change lights but not much else.

Knowing I didn’t have any money to pay someone to fix this car, I started looking up how to fix it myself. So that’s exactly what I did. I talked to my grandparents who had a garage, an extra stall and all the tools I would need to fix this engine.

A lot of people said that I should just save up to get it fixed, or buy a new car. But I refused, I was dead set on fixing this car myself, and nothing was going to stop me. I got that car towed to my grandparents.

One week in, taking apart this engine like a monkey not knowing what to do. I learned that it was not a head gasket or a piston, but a lower bearing. I realized I was in way over my head. But an Uncle, who has always been a bright light for my endeavours. Told me that you’ve gone this far. Don’t give up, just figure out what you need to do and get it done.

The Result

I decided that I would swap the engine, removing that engine was one of my greatest moments. Putting it back in was an even better. I was so proud, I was able to drive my car again, even driving with a smirk knowing I made this car drivable again. And to this day, if I had to do it all over954746_10151378770106536_1420469005_n again.
It took me three weeks, I broke a few bolts, I learned how to extract a few bolts. I talked with a handful of mechanics and got great advice, even a few car guys willing to come down and give me a few tips on what to do next. I even learned that following instructions word for word the odd time can save you a few hours of frustrations. But the fact is, I didn’t give up. I had passion to succeed and truly believed I could do this!

Your Passion  

No matter what you do in life, you need to do it with passion. Struggle all you want, but if you have passion and believe in your self anything is possible. You can’t let someone tell you how to do something, you need to have meaning behind it. Be proud of what you do, believe in what you can do. Certainly do not let others get you down. If I would have listened to everyone telling me I should just give up, pay someone else to fix my car, or “buy” a new car. I would have no car and I would have never known what I was capable of doing. To this day I still talk about swapping that engine, because I am that proud of it.

Step out of your comfort zone to figure out what you are capable of doing.

Or maybe change what you are doing, so that you can find some passion. Maybe you are over worked, under paid. Maybe you are struggling with school. Take a step back and ask your self, is this really worth it.

I am not saying quit your job, or quit school by any means. But look at your life and figure it out, and if what you are doing is really worth it!

Finding your passion

So I leave with you this, I have always struggled with education, I couldn’t even finish high school. 10 years later I am in University, and I am very passionate about what I am learning and that makes all the difference.

When you become passionate about something you will find that you will start to enjoy what you are doing, sometimes this could be a struggle. So give your self an advantage, even for a short time. Maybe it is your job, next time you go to work spend an hour maybe less giving it everything you got. But go into work, or show up at school with a new-mind set that you can do this, put a bit of passion into what you do. Then comment below with your results.

But first you need to find passion. Once you find that, everything will come into place and it will make all the difference.

Lastly I would just like to thank Jonathan Gebauer, for giving me the inspiration to write this post and passion going into future post!