I hate running with a passion – 5 alternatives to summer cardio building!


I hate running with a passion 5 alternatives to summer cardio

Like many people I hate running with a passion. When I am running for long periods of time, I start to feel like my lungs are about collapse. My lungs start to burn and I feel like am about to pass out. Everything time I try and explain it to someone, they say I am out of shape and that I need to run more. Even when I was younger, I always felt like my lungs were going to explode, no matter how in shape I was at the time. So why is it that, I can bike, jump rope, or even swim for long periods of time, yet running for any time makes me want to die.

About two years ago, I decided I would try and get into shape. I began going for a 30 minute jog every day. But every time, I felt like I was going to pass out. I thought maybe this was cause I used to smoke, but I never really felt like it was getting any easier. So after three weeks, I just couldn’t do it anymore, it was still very painful and I just gave up. I decided to just ride my bike more often.

But over the last couple months, I have been thinking seriously about getting into shape. I just turned 30, and while ago, my doctor said I have high cholesterol. I found that shocking considering I am only 195 Ibs and in relatively decent shape. But the weight has creeped up over the last year. Along with some horrible dinning choices, it all started to makes sense. With summer approaching, and since I am not getting any younger. I decided it was time to get serious, plus I want to be around for my family, and be able to provide for them as long as possible.

So I came up with a list of things that you can do in the warmer months if you’re like me, and hate running with a passion!


Min. Roughy 266 cal/hr and up based on intensity

cyclingMy personal favourite, when I first got suckered into doing photography. I didn’t have a car, and taking the bus to area’s of the city I wanted to shoot, just wouldn’t work cut it. So I started to bike, I would bike for about 3-4 hours a couple times a week, stopping to only take a photo of anything that caught my eye.

By the time I got home I was sore, I needed a shower and a good nights sleep! Do this a couple times a week, for as long as you have time, and I guarantee you will feel lighter and more energetic.

Personally I’d rather bike for 3 hours straight one day a week, then have to do 6 days of running for 30 minutes


Min. Roughy 443 cal/hr and up based on intensity

swimmingWho doesn’t love to swim. Ok, some people are afraid of water, or can’t even swim. But swimming is a constant work out. Even walking around in water waist deep, you start to feel like a bit winded. Swimming is also great for people with injuries who like to run. Or for people who can not do a lot of activity on the joints. Swimming is VERY easy on the body minus the whole constantly moving to stay a float.

Swimming can also teach your body to use oxygen more efficiently, from having to hold your breath, when under water while moving. Did you know that competitive swimming have some of the best lungs in the world.

Personally I would rather spend 30 minutes swimming laps at the Ymca then have to run for  30 minutes….


Skipping rope…
Min. Roughy 620 cal/hr and up based on intensity

SkippingI used to jump rope as a warm up at skating competitions when I was younger, hated it then, as much as I hate running now. It wasn’t  till I started to take Muay Thai a few years back. Only then did I start to enjoy it a lot more.

Jumping rope can cause you to burn a crazy amount of calories. You would roughly have to run a mile in 8 minutes just match the amount of calories burned while skipping rope. It’s possible to jump rope anywhere, within reason of course. It helps strengthen your legs, butt, shoulders, and arms muscles. It can also help you get quicker on your feet, it even helps strengthen all those muscles in the feet. Also, once you start to learn rope tricks, you can develop a lot more muscle strengthening techniques.

Toss a rope in your bag and use it whenever you can, all those mini skipping rope moments add up throughout the day! Did you know all types of boxers skip, teaches them to be light on their feet.

Personally, Id rather skip rope at home in my kitchen for 10 minutes, then have to run on a tread mill at the gym for 30!


Min. Roughy 443 cal/hr and up based on intensity

hikingI am an outdoors type of guy, I love to be outside in the summer. My years spent at the cabin/lake as a child. Where mostly spent in the woods or walking up and down the beaches collecting what ever I could find from cool rocks to commercial fishing nets that washed up on shore.

Even if you live in the prairies like me. There are places to hike. Most cities I’ve been to have some sort of hilly area or nature park with some hills. Bring the kids, bring the dog, get out there for an hour a couple times a week, you will build some leg muscles you will be huffing and puffing when you first start. But after a while, you will start to feel a lot better.

You could even bring a camera and take some interesting pictures. Its almost like walking up stairs and down stairs for an hour, but a hell of a more interesting!

Personally, I would rather take a good hour long hike anywhere, then to ever consider going for a run!


Min. Roughy 177 cal/hr and up based on intensity

PaddlingOk, this one is a bit harder to do, if you don’t have access. But if you have a cabin, and own a canoe or kayak, what are you waiting for? Get out their and use it. Hell, even a paddle boat would do, its like riding a bike but you are sitting down and on the water.

Most major cities with a river running through it should have some sort of a paddle club. Winnipeg, the city I live in has a few actually. You can rent a canoe for an hour at the Forks. Or you can call up the Winnipeg Canoe club, to see when they have their rental nights going on during the summer. Paddling in general will get you out on the water, help strengthen your whole upper body and help burn off calories while building that cardio. It will make you feel sore, but you will end up feeling great.

Plus if you are a risk taker like me, take your camera with you. You can get some extremely exciting shots!

Personally, if I had to run a mile. I would say screw it and just paddle instead!


So there are 5 things that you can do besides running if you hate running as passionately as I do. And if you were wondering, running at a minimum, like running after kids burns roughly 159 calories minimum an hour. I think the lowest one I like to do is 177 calories an hour. So why would I want to do something I hate vs something I like and burn more calories while doing it?

Getting involved

If you hate running as much as I do, what are some of the things you like to do, that can help you lose weight and feel great. Comment below and I will try it out for myself, and I might even write a blog post on my experience!

Calories based on 195 pound person and provided by calorielab.com, stock images provided by freeimages.com.