For those who have an iPhone and lost everything!

One thing I can’t stand is how people post about loosing their contacts on an iPhone… Since iOS5, iCloud has been around… iCloud is a sync’s service that allows you to back up your device. It’s very simple to set up and if you download apps you’ve already got an Apple Id.

I swear at least once a week, I see someone posting things like “send me your numbers, lost my contacts” or “iPhone lost all my contacts, send me a text“.  So if you are one of those people who seem to loose numbers faster then I loose my keys, this post is for you!

On your iPhone go to

1. Go to settings 

2. Go to iCloud 

3. Make sure you are logged in with your Apple Id. 

4. Make sure contacts is checked. 

From here you can also back up:
Safari (Bookmarks),
Keychain (Saved Passwords),

The best part about backing up these things, if you loose your phone you can purchase a new iPhone and log into iCloud. All of the information backed up, and appear on your new device.

Once you have this checked, you will no longer have to sync your phone to iTunes to save contacts, since it will all be backed up online.

One way to check if the information was saved.

Go to on a computer and login with your Apple Id.

Stay tuned for my next post focusing more on iCloud, and what it can do for you!