Do the needs of a few outweigh the needs of many? 

I guess when you think of it, that is a huge argument in society…

Take the Bhopal Disaster, I had no idea what had happen. I wasn’t aware that this event happen thirty years ago. And twenty years after the event 18,000 people have died of a direct result of this disaster.  Union Carbide the company that owned the plant that accidentally released gas into the area killed 3600 people related to the gas exposure.

It also left an estimated 40,000 people directly effected with permanent disabilities. The government of India sued Union Carbide for damages, but that wasn’t enough to help repair the serious environmental and economical damages. Later on, Union Carbide was purchased by Dow Chemical Company,  Dow decided that they would settle all of Union Carbide lawsuits and deal with all of there unlawful obligations at the time of the sale. The catch, this would only take place in North America, and not over seas.

Was this right?

I learned about this from a movie called The Yes Men Fix the World. Basically, Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos the creators of the movie, tell big lies pretending to be big name executives for companies that they dislike.

For instant, on the 20th anniversary of the Bhopal Disaster, they went on BBC News, and stated that Dow Chemical accepts responsibility for the Bhopal Disaster, and will be paying twelve billion dollars to help clean up the disaster site that still remains today, and to help pay for medical costs of all people directly effected by the disaster.

Dow Chemical’s stocks dropped immediately by around 2 billion I believe in roughly a few hours.


When interviewed by the BBC after the hoax came to, they explained the reasoning for this wasn’t to create hope that something will be done, it wasn’t to lie, it was to show just what companies can do to help fix, a wrong doing. In case Dow Chemical paying to fix something that they purchased.

Was this right?

Personally, I think this is an amazing idea, because it got people thinking. What if Dow Chemical did do this, why can’t they do this, what is stoping them from doing it and what can I do to help make this happen.

So back to the title, do the needs of a few out way the needs of many?

Would you give to others if this means you take less home, how about if you caused a car accident and were found not responsible. But the person you hit could never walk again, would you still feel responsible, or would you move on and not think about it.

Companies spend millions of dollars every year, to pay think-tanks to come up with ways to make them look good, even though some of the ways that these company makes money isn’t truly right. Maybe you work or have worked for a company that does this. If you truly knew the practices of how this company makes money, would you stay or would you leave?

That is my take of Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility, hopefully over the next few weeks I will have a better understanding of the fundamentals of what I am learning.